Heavy lift conferences


Freight market is truly considered to be among the most significant links to connect trade relationship between the countries in our fast-developing world. Thus, discussing projects and ideas in the field of delivering cargoes, technology of shipments and customs clearance gets high priority between the officials and business representatives of the leading world countries.

Heavy World is providing an international platform for professional discussions and finding shipment solutions for your business, when it requires abnormal loads shipment. Being supported by local governments and business representatives, our conferences are going to unite dozens of companies and managers, and hundreds of individuals in 2017, organizing some of the largest industry events in 6 countries throughout the year.

Heavy World events are attended by the most experienced professionals in the field of cargo logistics services, including all types of rail, road, air, and sea transportation. Our key speakers are experts and officials from Russia, Germany, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, USA, Netherlands, Finland, Belgium, Turkey, Estonia, Latvia, Iran, India, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Denmark, and other countries.

Heavy conferences include

Our platform is a professional network for discussing the following topics:

  • Main achievements in the sector in 2017 – cargo shipping projects, major destinations, sharing experience in delivering cargoes to certain destinations;
  • New laws and regulations – import and export, sanctions, recent changes in legislation of the participating countries;
  • New ideas and technologies – implementing modern techniques in moving, lifting and handling of oversized, bulk, and super-heavy cargoes;
  • Current infrastructure potentials – roads, bridges, ports, safe ways of cargo delivery, refurbishment projects.

Heavy World Events, organized in Iran, Turkey, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Russia, and India in 2017 are going to be among the most fruitful business events of the year in these countries. Business representatives and key speakers are very welcome to take part.