Heavy Railroad Cargo Shipments. Discussions through Heavy World Network

What challenges modern industry of heavy lift and oversized railroad shipments faces? Heavy World specialists share their experience.

Railroad shipment is among the oldest traditional ways of cargo transportation. Railroad freight shipment allows dealing with bulk materials, general types of freight, containers, and heavy cargoes. Traditionally this way of transportation was used to deliver ores, coal, wood, products of agricultural industry, and other resources, to the points of destination or to the bigger transport hubs for sea transportation.

Railroad has good parameters of cost-efficiency in terms of a price of ton transportation per kilometer. Huge factories traditionally build their manufacturing facilities or warehouses near the rail arteries in order to build the most cost-efficient manufacturing, covering both supplying of materials for production of goods and delivery of final product.

One of the most obvious challenges lies in creation of branched network of railroad connections. A so-called network effect is the phenomenon of the system being more effective and profitable when more connection points make it up.

Even though modern technologies promote building new reliable bridges, crossing the mountains and renewing the old branches or railroads, the possibilities of using heavy lift and oversized railroad shipment are still limited by the geography of rail connections, making up additional transshipment costs at the absence of direct rail access.

Heavy World community invites representatives of major and minor businesses, local administrations, and specialists in heavy lift and oversized railroad freight shipment to take part in Heavy World events that are hold in five countries worldwide in 2017. Plenary discussions in Russia, Belarus, India, Turkey, Iran, and Uzbekistan, are going to cover such important topics as challenges of international railroad transportation of OOG and heavy lift cargoes, recent changes in legislation of certain countries, engineering challenges, successful projects, perspectives of trade and interaction between different countries, political issues, and many others.

Professionals in heavy lift and oversized railroad freight industry are invited to be our honored keynote speakers, and all of you are very welcome to attend Heavy World events in 2017.