Heavy Air Freight. Challenges and Perspectives Discussed at Heavy World Events

Attend one of the Heavy World conferences to discuss tasks, perspectives, and major projects in heavy lift and oversized air freight shipment industry in 2017

Air freight carriage refers to carrying project cargoes by means of aircrafts. It’s among one of the fastest and the most reliable ways to carrying certain cargoes.

However, in spite of the high hopes laid on this way of shipment some decades back, it didn’t develop as rapid as some might have expected.

Shipment of project cargoes by air still takes a relatively small segment of total volumes of international OOG freight carriage.

The development of Internet technologies made its contribution to the increase in security, and added a number of pleasant features linked with the possibility of tracking shipments. This way of transportation now allows real-time tracking of status of your shipment. Additional electronic bills and declarations can now cut the amount of paper documentation for international project cargo shipment and customs clearance, thus, rising speed, security and transparency of shipment processes.

The statistical data indicate that in many countries oversized freight shipment needs are satisfied by air freight sector only by 10-15 percent. Increasing prices for airplane fuel, high prime cost of air fleet, certain instabilities in global economy, long paperwork in certain countries, certain limitations in freight sizes, and procedures of delivering certain types of goods make this type of project cargo shipment among the most challengeable in the past several decades.

A global platform Heavy World, uniting the representatives of business and administration, welcomes individuals, businessmen, and OOG freight companies to attend one of the events organized by Heavy world in 2017 in Belarus, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Russia, Iran, or India.

Heavy World conference aims to discuss a number of hot topics, including challenges and perspectives of heavy lift air freight industry, carrying project cargoes, typical transport routes and successful projects, perspectives of the industry, recent changes in legislation, sanctions and regulations in different countries.

You are very welcome to join our community of specialists in international project cargo shipment at one of the Heavy World events!