Challenges of International Heavy and Oversized Freight Forwarding

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The task of shipping oversized freights from point A to point B involves hiring an expert in the field of freight forwarding. Their work is to organize all stages of the process. Such agents help to establish links between the manufacturer and the final delivery point. The task often becomes more difficult, when the process has to include multiple ways of shipment, for example, delivering project cargo to some transport hub by trucks and then accompanying it to the final point by planes and other trucks.

Agents hired for international projects are considered to be highly trained specialists, as this type of forwarding requires additional qualification in carrying out paperwork for the process of customs clearance.

Preparing bills, invoices, and declarations has to be performed neatly and professionally, taking into account the latest changes in local legislation of transit and destination countries, and corresponding to the latest standards and regulations.

The latest challenges in international industry of OOG forwarding are often linked with the political issues, thus, a big platform uniting businessmen, companies, and representatives of administration of the leading countries, is required nowadays more than ever before.

Heavy World with its multiple events in different countries has become the biggest stage for discussing, solving the challenges of shipment and forwarding of heavy lift and oversized cargoes, and for signing the contracts between the representatives of multiple countries, both private and corporations.

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