Modern challenges of Heavy Sea Freight. Heavy World discussions.

Heavy World is a community of professionals in logistics industry, inviting professionals in sea freight shipments of heavy lift and oversized cargoes to take part in our events in 2017

Sea shipments are considered to be among the oldest ways of freight transportation. In fact, the widely used term ‘shipping’ takes its origin from sea cargo carriage, where moving freights was carried out by ships. This way of transportation turned out to be impractical when delivering cargoes is time-critical as it took a long time.

The necessity of carrying passengers has greatly reduced with the development of civil aviation (with the exception for relatively short cruises and travelling for short distances), while the need of shipping trade cargoes is still satisfied by sea freight by 90%, making it an irreplaceable tool of international trade and economy.

Even taking charges and instability of exchange rates into account, this type of cargo transportation is much cheaper than its air or overland analogues; it includes moving cargoes at any distances in different kinds of basins – oceans, lakes, rivers, or canals.

How to find a reliable sea freight partner for OOG, breakbulk and project cargoes to satisfy the needs of your business?

Heavy World Conference has been designed to act as a professional network, uniting business representatives of forwarders that deal with heavy lift and oversized cargo transportations with their clients and international authorities.

Such topics as oversized cargo shipping projects, major destinations, local and international policies, sharing experience, delivering project cargoes, new laws and regulations acting in different countries, sanctions, infrastructure potential, are going to be discussed at a number of events known as Heavy World Conferences carried out in Iran, Turkey, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Russia, and India throughout 2017.

Find all the means to satisfy your business needs at Heavy World conferences!