Liebherr ltm 1220 – a crane you need to know more about!

Liebherr ltm 1220 – a crane you need to know more about!
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The Liebherr 1220 mobile crane is structurally oriented to perform such tasks with which cranes of insufficient load capacity cannot cope. The total weight of this five-axis crane is 60 tons and is fully used to optimize the carrying capacity. With the help of the Liebherr crane with a lifting capacity of 220 tons, you will be able to perform the most complex lifting and construction work.

Technical characteristics of the Liebherr LTM 1220-5.1 truck crane

  • Max. lifting capacity – 220 t at the start of 3 m
  • the telescopic boom is 13.2 m – 60 m
  • lattice boom extension – 12.2 m – 36 m
  • the maximum speed of the movement is 80 km/h
  • weight in transport position – 60 t
  • the total weight of the counterweights is 74 tons.

Modern drive concept

  1. Two-speed transfer case, designed to work in harsh conditions; lockable distributor differential; slow motion speed 0.72 km/h.
  2. Drive 10×6, bridges 2.4 and 5 leading.
  3. Drive 10×8 (on request); bridges 2.4 and 5 leading; the 1st bridge is connected when driving off-road.
  4. Cylinders of the suspension are free from the effects of lateral forces and do not require maintenance; the piston rod is protected by a plastic pipe from damage.

Braking decelerators: motor brake in the form of a brake system of a free-discharge valve with an additional brake system Liebherr ZBS, mounted directly on the gearbox, retarder.

Service brake: all bridges are equipped with pneumatic disc brakes, which have high braking efficiency, long intervals between maintenance operations, providing the possibility of quick replacement of brake linings.