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We are pleased to announce the international conference «HEAVY WIND» (devoted to transportation and lifting of wind turbine generator components) which is to be held on September 10, at Saint-Petersburg Hotel, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

The year of 2017 has shown that wind power is now a substantial part of the Russian market. Three groups of the largest investors of the Russian energy market in alliance with the three world’s largest manufacturers of wind generators are developing construction of wind farms and fabrication of wind generators in the country. 2,297 MW of wind farms will be built by 2022, and 3,350 MW – by 2024. The first wind farm in Russia was started up in 2018 by FORTUM.

The volume of this market exceeds RUB 500 billion, and some of these assets will be assigned to transport and installation companies. No doubt, the WPP construction market will become a new growth driver for the whole project logistics field in Russia, just like requirements of the modernization program for the Russian refineries and reforms of the power industry back in its time.

As of today, creation of wind farms is ongoing at full stretch, in particular, in the South of Russia – Adygea, as well as in Krasnodar Krai and Rostov Oblast. The market is now shaping up, and the industry calls for competent logistics and companies capable of implementing challenging projects involving transportation of wind energy equipment. Heavy-duty wind generators, their size, weight and structural design want a special approach while planning and delivering to the installation site.

At the conference we are going to address the Russian and foreign practices of transporting and erecting wind power equipment, including the following topics for discussion:

  • How to avoid critical mistakes while planning a transport?
  • Potential of railway and aircraft in WPP elements logistics;
  • Customs clearance issues;
  • Requirements to road infrastructure and buffer areas;
  • Availability of specialized machinery with Russian companies.

You are kindly invited to discuss the indicated subjects. Suggestions on agenda contents are more than welcome.


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