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International Conference

We are pleased to announce the 7th International Conference «HEAVY CASPIAN 2018» which is to be held on April 26, 2018 in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

Active development of the Caspian Sea offshore and mineral resources of Central Asia resulted in booming of oil and gas industry and associated facilities in the regional countries. This calls for implementation of complex projects related to delivery and construction of offshore drilling platforms, artificial islands, oil refineries, pipelines, etc. More than 600 strategic projects were implemented for the last 9 years only in Uzbekistan, including building and reconstruction of objects of oil-gas and energy industry. In prospect Uzbekistan plans to implement another 900 new projects in industry till 2019, where they are going to use in total 41 billion dollars.

At the same time, Central Asian logistics is distinguished by a number of geographical and administrative features. At the conference we will talk over all aspects of OOG and heavylift logistics in this region.

Among the Conference topics:

  • Best practices of heavy lift deliveries to Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan, comparison of transport routes.
  • Governmental regulation of the sector.
  • Development of transport corridor Danube-Black Sea-Caspian Sea.

The conference of 2017 gathered more than 120 delegates from Kazakhstan, Russia, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Turkey, UAE, Germany, Iran and the Luxemburg.

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Registration fee includes: participation in all sessions and b2b meetings, information materials, lunches and coffee-breaks, participation in the official reception. Accommodation is not included into the registration fee.

Confirmation: Your registration will be confirmed by an email. Please wait for your confirmation before making any further arrangements. However, please note that your registration will be completed and considered final only when your payment has been received.

To register for the conference you need to send the following information by form:

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Place of Holding

The Saint-Petersburg Hotel

The Saint-Petersburg Hotel is located in the historical center of the city, on the main Neva River Embankment and is suitable for all kinds of visitors, both leisure and business. In addition, we pride ourselves on offering the best view of the St. Petersburg historical city center.

Rated 3 Star, the Saint-Petersburg Hotel, aims at providing great value at an affordable price. We also aim to please you with our friendly and personalized service.

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Preliminary list of participants «HEAVY WIND 2018» conference

Cargo Owners

  • Activity
  • Badelin Alexandr, CEO
  • Gazprom Neft Procurement
  • Pirogov Evgenyi
  • Novawind
  • Artyushenko Lev, Head of Department, Logistics and Customs Clearance Group
  • Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy GmbH & Co. KG
  • Puscasiu Cristian, Project Commodity Manager NEME – Transportation, Crane, Installation
  • Vestas Northern & Central Europe
  • Taras Kachmarchuk – Senior Manager

Public Authorities and Public Associations

  • Russian Wind Industry Association
  • Bryzgunov Igor, Chairman

Freight Forwarding Companies

  • Agility
  • Karetin Dmitry, Vice President
  • Kryksa Leonid
  • AutoSpecTyazh Plus
  • Govorov Dmitry, General Director
  • Tretiakov Maxim, Marketing Director
  • Matrosov Pavel, Head of Project Transportation Division
  • BaltServiceTrans
  • Mikhailova Milana, Director
  • Barrus. Project Logistics
  • Degilevich Dzhamilya
  • Smolyaninov Valery
  • Ageev Ivan
  • Sorokin Kirill
  • CF&S Estonia
  • Polyakov Ilya, Manager
  • CF&S Lithuania (Lithuania)
  • Katrecko Andrej, Managing director
  • CFS Russia
  • Bazhenov Sergey, Manager Operations with Own Rolling Stock
  • CM
  • Denisov Dmitry, Director
  • Shmoilov Alexandr, Logistic Director
  • Chandler Group (Moscow)
  • Tsygankov Dmitry, Head of Project Department, Central Asia
  • DSV Projects
  • Ronni Holm Jørgensen, Senior Business Development Manager, Wind Vertical
  • Kim Andreasen, Projects Renewable Energy
  • DHL Global Forwarding
  • Bochkova Natalya, General Director
  • Ryleva Tatiana, Head of Industrial Projects Department
  • Fedoseev Anton, Business Development Manager
  • EurAsiaTransit
  • Olzhas Abibulla, Project Manager
  • Saduakas Ayan, Project Coordinator
  • Gazpromtrans
  • Pozdeev Vladimir, Head of Department
  • Yakimova Lidia, Deputy Head of Department
  • Group of Companies MDS
  • Bryantsev Roman, Head of St. Petersburg Representative Office
  • ICT Logistics A/S (Latvia)
  • Narolska Regina, Riga Branch Manager
  • Independent Energy Company
  • Sinkov Alexandr, Senior Specialist
  • Keen-Mark-Logistic
  • Shafarostov Alexey, General Director
  • LS «Heavylift» (Georgia)
  • Tsankashvili Irakli, CEO
  • MBM-Trans
  • Mochalyuk Yuri, General Director
  • Mochalyuk Pavel, Deputy General Director
  • M-Group
  • Egiazaryan Sergey, General Director
  • Eranosyan Any, Chief Executive
  • MK-Logistics
  • Krasikov Petr, Chief Executive
  • Serebrova Alexandra, Deputy Director
  • Nawinia Rus
  • Yuldashev Rustam, General Director
  • Urvan Oleg, Head of Project Division
  • Novorossiysk Port Terminal
  • Bokaty Valentin, Chief Executive
  • Novaport Agency
  • Beresnev Andrey, General Director
  • Projects (Denmark)
  • Jørgensen Ronni Holm, Senior Business Development Manager, Wind Vertical
  • Andreasen Kim, Projects Renewable Energy
  • Rail Technology Center Negabarit
  • Komissarov Alexandr, General Director
  • Rezonans (Belarus)
  • Yurchenko Andrey, Commercial Director
  • Fremiy Alina, International Cargo Logistics Specialist
  • Rhenus Project Logistics
  • Klimachenko Mikhail, Business Development Director
  • Tkachenko Alexey, Operation Director
  • RTL
  • Saraev Denis, Deputy Operation Director
  • Smirnov Alexey, General Director
  • Smirnov Dmitry, Deputy General Director
  • Sarens Polska
  • Mariusz Sudol, Manager Wind Division & Country Manager Poland
  • Sarens Russia
  • Popov Andrey, General Director
  • Silach-TransBaltic
  • Gefel Denis, General Director
  • Silvasti Oy (Finland)
  • Silvasti Ville, Managing Director
  • Vuorinen Hannu, Vice President, Heavy Segment
  • Antonsen Jakob, Sales Manager
  • Liimatainen Jani, Deputy Chief Executive Officer
  • Itkin Mikhail, Head of Transport Department, Russia
  • Special Transport and Engineering
  • Bazarsky Yuri
  • STA Logistic
  • Suzanna Zhurik-Chashchina, Business Development Director / Project Transportation Department
  • Stone-Logistics
  • Bezmenova Daria, Head of Sales Department
  • Smekalov Kirill, Key Clients Manager
  • STS Logistics Projects
  • Dorokhov Vladimir, Regional Development Director
  • TEK NevaSpecTyazh
  • Chumak Alexandr, General Director
  • Sergeev Anatoly, Deputy General Director
  • Stepanenko Dmitry, Transportation Manager
  • TIS Group
  • Ivanov Alexandr, General Director
  • Grechukhina Ekaterina
  • Filatov Andrey
  • Grigoryan Gregory Serjiky, Founder
  • Popov Yuri, General Director
  • Tikhonov Maxim, Commercial Director
  • Trans-Group Spb
  • Shanin Alexandr, Director
  • Bugaychuk Natalia, Head of Sales Department
  • Universal Transport Michels GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)
  • Holger Dechant, CEO
  • Universal Forwarder
  • Chernykh Alexey, Director, Saint Petersburg Branch
  • Volgo-Baltic Logistic
  • Zubakov Vitaly, Deputy General Director

Shipping Companies and Freight Brokers

  • «Ark» Shipping Company
  • Sochin Nikolay, General Director
  • BBC Chartering GmbH
  • Timofeev Sergey, Head of St. Petersburg Representative Office
  • Briese Chartering GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)
  • Lazareva Ilona, General Manager
  • Neiland Pavel Chartering Manager
  • Briese Shipping BV
  • Jan de Looff, Managing director
  • Glogos Project
  • Grinevich Konstantin, Director
  • Intermarine L.L.C.
  • Plotnikov Kirill, Project Manager
  • Neptumar
  • Marasin Dmitry, Head of Project Transportation Department
  • North West Shipping Company
  • Aleshkin Igor, Deputy Commercial Director
  • Spliethoff Russia
  • Radkevich Julia, Commercial Representative

Ports and Terminals

  • Forum (Port Bronka operator)
  • Russkikh Miroslav, Head of Sales and Marketing Department
  • Larin Sergey, Marketing and Sales Senior Specialist
  • Tolyatti Terminal
  • Suslov Alexandr, General Director
  • Ust-Luga Port Transport Company
  • Mechev Denis, Commercial Director

Crane and Rigging Works

  • Beck & Pollitzer SPb
  • Sary Vitaly, Deputy General Director
  • Krysanov Egor, Head of Sales and Marketing Department
  • Rental Units
  • Evdokimov Artem, Leading Specialist

Equipment Manufacturers

  • Crystal North West
  • Tkachev Mikhail, General Director
  • Gerasimov Oleg, Manager
  • Nooteboom Trailers B.V. (Netherlands)
  • Olesya Gommers, Export Sales
  • Severstal Lifting Technologies
  • Metelkov Sergey, Senior Sales Specialist

Insurance and Broker Companies

  • Insurance Broker «Pandi Trans»
  • Sharova Oxana, Deputy General Director

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Draft Agenda of the Conference

9:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. Registration to the conference

Session I

  • Russian Association of Wind Power Industry
  • Wind Power – New Super-Heavy Transport Market. Current Status
  • Igor Bryzgunov, Chair
  • Agility
  • Delivery of Equipment for FORTUM Wind Farm in Ulyanovsk Oblast
  • Dmitry Karetin, Vice-President
  • Novorossiysk Port Terminal
  • Arranging Wind Generators Logistics as Loose Items on a “Turn-Key” Basis: Best Practices in View of Missing Port Infrastructure
  • Valentin Bokatiy, Executive Director

11:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Coffee break

Session II

  • Nooteboom
  • Requirements to Trailer Machinery for Haulage of Wind Power Plants Elements
  • Olesya Gommers, Commercial Manager
  • Silvasti Group
  • Delivering Demanding Wind Power Projects
  • Jakob Antonsen, Director of Sales, Wind Power Division

1:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. Lunch

Session III

  • CF&S Lithuania
  • Wind mills handling in Baltic ports and further transit to CIS countries
  • Andrej Katrecko, Managing director
  • Center of Railway Technologies Negabarit
  • Feasibility of Wind Generator Blades Transportation by Rail
  • Aleksandr Komissarov, General Director
  • Baltica-Trans Group
  • Optimization of Customs Payments when Importing Component Equipment for WPP

3:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. Coffee break

Session IV

  • Glogos Project
  • Specifics of Sea and River Shipment of Equipment for Wind Farms in the RF
  • Konstantin Grinevich, Director
  • LS Heavylift
  • Transporting the Wind Turbines Components for the Wind Power Plant in Kartli (Georgia)
  • Irakli Tsankashvili, Chief Executive Officer

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Russian version

International Conference

We are pleased to announce the international conference «HEAVY WIND» (devoted to transportation and lifting of wind turbine generator components) which is to be held on September 10, at Saint-Petersburg Hotel, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

The year of 2017 has shown that wind power is now a substantial part of the Russian market. Three groups of the largest investors of the Russian energy market in alliance with the three world’s largest manufacturers of wind generators are developing construction of wind farms and fabrication of wind generators in the country. 2,297 MW of wind farms will be built by 2022, and 3,350 MW – by 2024. The first wind farm in Russia was started up in 2018 by FORTUM.

The volume of this market exceeds RUB 500 billion, and some of these assets will be assigned to transport and installation companies. No doubt, the WPP construction market will become a new growth driver for the whole project logistics field in Russia, just like requirements of the modernization program for the Russian refineries and reforms of the power industry back in its time.

As of today, creation of wind farms is ongoing at full stretch, in particular, in the South of Russia – Adygea, as well as in Krasnodar Krai and Rostov Oblast. The market is now shaping up, and the industry calls for competent logistics and companies capable of implementing challenging projects involving transportation of wind energy equipment. Heavy-duty wind generators, their size, weight and structural design want a special approach while planning and delivering to the installation site.

At the conference we are going to address the Russian and foreign practices of transporting and erecting wind power equipment, including the following topics for discussion:

  • How to avoid critical mistakes while planning a transport?
  • Potential of railway and aircraft in WPP elements logistics;
  • Customs clearance issues;
  • Requirements to road infrastructure and buffer areas;
  • Availability of specialized machinery with Russian companies.

You are kindly invited to discuss the indicated subjects. Suggestions on agenda contents are more than welcome.


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